I love promoting bands. I do this as a hobby and there is no money involved.


I primarily use Facebook when promoting bands, and my area of interest is hard rock and metal bands from Scandinavia and Illinois.


So why Scandinavia and Illinois?

I live in Denmark, so naturally I'm interested in bands from my own local. But why Illinois? The only simple answer I can give you is that the local metal scene of Illinois is just amazing! So many awesome bands!! So much diversity in styles and metal genres.


I first got into the metal scene of Chicago, IL because of a random friend request from a member of the band Punch Cabbie in April 2014. I instantly fell in love with that band. I followed them closely on Facebook and began to check out the bands they were doing shows with. I quickly realized how dense the metal scene is over there. So many bands!!


I've been in Chicago twice to see local metal shows and it was all worth the trips from Denmark. Many of the band members have become my friends and they've taken care of me while I was there. I am so grateful that I've come to know these people, and I'll do all I can to promote their bands!


So it's all partly out of love for the music and partly out of love for the people behind the music.


Especially two bands have got a special place in my heart:

- Diretone from Denmark as they are my friends and I've signed with them as their manager. I've had many great times with the members of this band and I'd do anything to help them prosper.


- Punch Cabbie as they are my favorite band now and they were the ones responsible for getting me into the local scene of Chicago. We help each other out the best we can and I consider them my friends. A member of Punch Cabbie created the logo I use for Krater and the support I get from there is beyond amazing!


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